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Emilreen Parungao Ebuen I. Sixteen. Long lost sister of Kathryn Bernardo. Mistress of Daniel Padilla. Minsan Blogger madalas reblogger.

All images and notes found in my blog are all mine except for those I reblog. Similarities and copying of any content in my blog without any permission is strictly prohibited. If you will use any of the content in this blog, you must give me some credits or use my blog as the source.

Favorite Quote
"Kill them with Kindness"-Kathryn Bernardo

Kaya kontento na ko sa lovelife ko e (wala naman lovelife) Sakanya palang jusko mamatay na ko sa kilig 😍😍 You’re so damn hot, your sexy smile, pointed nose and sparkling eyes 😍 Damn so inlove

Tumblr is full of broken people, hopeless romantics, lost minds and fragile hearts.


More good vibes here


More good vibes here


quick lil comic

Nahihirapan din po ako. Hindi lang nagsasabi pero nahihirapan din ako.

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